ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics openSUSE)

RPMs providing ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics) for OpenSUSE

The preferred method to install ESS on OpenSUSE Linux is using the 1-click install facility the OpenSUSE Build Service (OBS) provides in their search interface. Nevertheless some seemed to have trouble using that interface, what inspired creating a page collecting direct links to the packages installation sources.

Directly installing ESS (preferred)

The links in the table below invoke yast2 directly to provide access to OpenSUSE's 1-click-install. Architecture and dependencies are handled automatically. You must be root to do this.

OpenSuSE emacs-ess-16.10
Version 1-click-install
SLE 11 SP2 Install
SLE 11 SP3 Install
12.2 Install
12.3 Install
SLE 12 Install
13.1 Install
13.2 Install
Leap 42.1 Install
Leap 42.2 Install
Factory Install
Tumbleweed Install

The version provided here at the moment is ESS-16.10 .

Installing using the command line

As superuser do

VERSION=$(grep VERSION /etc/SuSE-release | sed -e 's/VERSION = //')
zypper addrepo -f \\:languages\:R\:supplement/openSUSE_$VERSION/ \

which automatically determines your installed version of openSUSE. After that

zypper install emacs-ess

will install ESS and all dependencies.

Download for later installation

If for whatever reason you prefer downloading and manual installation of emacs-ess, use the search interface for your openSUSE version.